When it comes to any gin-based cocktail, only SONIXO’s glistening glassware must be the glass the drink is poured into. One half of your drink experience is the gin glass. The enticing shape of our gin balloon glass bowl provides ample space for those awesome aromas to whirl before hitting the nose of any drinker. The added dimensions within the bowl allow for cocktails and mixed drinks served in them to be embellished with additional ingredients. There’s also plenty of room for an ice cube or three. Enjoy a garden variety of garnishes when you partake in a drink served up in our iconic and highly desirable Copa de Balon unique glasses. With our long stem being a convenient element of our glassware design, keeping your hand from warming up the contents of our Gin glass interior. This makes our perfect Copa gin glasses a superb choice for any type of cocktail that’s been chilled as part of its preparation.

The inviting, open brim of our glasses has an incredibly appropriate design choice for anything gin-related. Our classic piece of glassware is incredibly versatile, and the design of these glasses helps maintain that sparkling body and all those bubbles. It’s the perfect choice of gin glass for anything boasting enticing aromas that will enrich the overall experience of drinking from. Our generous wider bowl capacity of 650ml also makes it entirely suitable for those who don’t do anything by half measures, with ample room for all manner of garnishes and mixers so that it serves to enhance aromatic potential and encourage more fantastic flavours.

Gift Box Contents:

1 x Copa Gin Glass (650ml)
1 x Double Sided Jigger (25/50ml)
1 x Twisted Cocktail Spoon


When it comes to our customer’s satisfaction, there is no room for compromise. Our luxury glasses are handmade of top-quality crystal, ensuring your highest expectations are met. If for some reason you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer service team has got you covered!



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