Add a touch of whimsy to your drinkware collection with our Glazed Cat Glass Tumbler, exquisitely designed for those who appreciate both style and functionality. This 120ml teacup features an enchanting cat face embossed on high-quality glazed glass, offering a unique and eye-catching appearance. Available in vibrant colors like Purple, Green, Blue, and classic Clear, this tumbler is perfect for adding a splash of color and personality to your home.

Crafted with care, the tumbler is ideal for serving a variety of drinks, from traditional teas and kung fu master cups to creative cocktails, making it a versatile addition to any glassware collection. Its round shape and smooth texture make it comfortable to hold and a joy to use. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet tea time at home or hosting a themed party, the Glazed Cat Glass Tumbler brings a creative and personal touch to your serving set.

This charming glass tumbler is not only practical but also makes for a fantastic gift for cat lovers, tea enthusiasts, or anyone who loves collecting unique and special cups. It’s a delightful way to express creativity and enjoy your favourite beverages in style. Choose the Glazed Cat Glass Tumbler for a fun, functional, and fashionable addition to your daily routine or special occasions.




Blue, Clear, Green, Purple